Monday, September 17, 2007

Pryor vs Lewis

Well we had a pretty tough time against Lewis today. We struggled the first game to get anything going, but by the time the second game came around we played a lot better. We were serving tough and accurately, and we were doing really well digging. Lewis had several girls on their team that were hitting the ball pretty hard, but we were there to dig most of them. Taylor even got her hands on a few of them at the net. We need to work on our transitions from offense to defense (especially during a free ball) and we need to work on getting three hits off our serve receive. We didn't let too many serves get by us, but lots of them were going over the net after the first contact, instead of to the setter.
Some good news though, our Non-starters won!! Congratulations! We were serving well during that match as well. Sam had 7 in a row I think. Good job! The girls were passing pretty well and we had a few offensive attacks (pass-set-hit) that were really nice.
So again, we learned a lot about what we are getting better at and what we still need to work on. I'm still having fun though, and I can't wait for our next game!
Go pirates!

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