Thursday, August 9, 2007

5-1 Rotation

A lot of you girls were confused when we started talking about rotation. I thought it would be helpful to see it written down. This set-up is called 5-1. That basically means that there is 1 setter and 5 hitters. The setter is the same girl whether she is in the front row or the back row. For now that's the rotaion I think we will start off with. There are other rotations that use two setters (so the setter is always in the back row -- 6-2, or the setter is always in the front row -- 4-2). It's OK if you don't totally understand, but try and follow the 5-1 rotations that I have diagrammed. If you have a basic understanding, it will help practices go a lot smoother.

S = Setter
O = Opposite (back-up setter if the setter gets the 1st ball)
M = Middle Blocker
H = Outside hitter

Some of you I have a good idea where I will play you, others I will want you to learn 2 or 3 of the positions. If you want to know what positions to focus on, leave a message and I'll tell you the positions most important for you to learn.

(If you click on the image it should make it bigger.)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Rotation sheet, so useful for me as a coach and being able to show my players. Thank you so much for putting this online.

S.D.N. said...

I agree, thanks for the rotation sheet! Very helpful.

Anonymous said...

as a new coach and being out of volleball for awhile, but knowing the 5-1, this is EXTREMELY helpful as a refresher and a way to show my girls the rotations. Thanks for putting in the time and i am so glad i found this blog.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Really helped learn my teams rotation. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! This is a beautiful rotation sheet and it really got my girls to understand!

B.G said...

thanks for posting this cheat sheet, this will help my team understand their positions!

Anonymous said...

Thanks its so helpful youve lead us to success

f said...

Is there any chance you have other diagrams of the other rotations? I would love to be able to share this with my beginner girls.

Any coaching forms or templates you have and would share with a new coach, I would greatly appreciate.